Our History

Nunu Baby Care Products Ltd., is one of the largest manufacturing factory for baby needs at the level of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the gulf region owned by the Batterjee Holding Company. It is considered a mainstray and major component in national industry in the kingdom. The factory was equipped with state-of-the-art high-tech machinery and equipment in line with the latest scientific developments in the fields of manufacturing baby care products.

In 1993, the monitoring and quality control unit started operating under the supervision of German Experts TATEX GMBH, according to the latest international specifications, under the management of Saudi workers working within a rigorous , precise system, and later according to a high quality production process that competes with the largest companies around the world, under a direct supervision of Euro Pharma (UK).

Nunu produces a wide range of baby care products, such asĀ  baby shampoo, hair conditioner, a 2-in-1 shmpoo plus, lotion, bath foam, soap, moisturizing cream, scented and antibacterial wet wipes, baby oil, baby powders, baby colognes, toothpastes and disposable diapers.

Nunu also produces a line of detergents and disinfectants such as floor cleaner, bathroom cleaner, carpet cleaner, dish and grease cleaners.

Nunu has branches all over the Kingdom and exports it’s various products to Gulf countries, some Arab, European and African countries.

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